Dees Mystic Expos

Creating events to allow people to showcase their goods and services in your region. While I do specialise in Mystic Expos am I also experienced in all other
styles of Events, Festivals and Expos.

I can organise the entire event or lend my expertise where required. My rates are affordable and I assist where I can be of most use. I have extensive knowledge dealing with Stallholders, both exhibitors and food vendors. I have been closely involved with guest speakers presenting at events as well as workshops. So my time management skills are well used.

The theme of Dees Mystics Expos is all things mystic. Psychic or Tarot Readers, Healers, Retail sales of Crystals, Jewellery, Art, Cards, and Books.

Most Events are broken into sections

Events for which I am one of the main organisers




2024 Off Grid Expo

2024 Goomeri Pumpkin Festival

2024 Beltane Fire Festival

For more information text or email me as I am often out of phone range and I will contact you.